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IR Invoice

The young free-lancer's
best friend!

IRInvoice is a Java based program (source code provided) that reads an XML feed from your Google Calendar and lays out the event dates, times, titles, and details into a generic Invoice Format quickly and easily. There is some level of customization, but more is planned for future versions. The invoice file that is created is a simple HTML file which you can open in your browser and print. If you are savvy you can also edit the HTML in the file to create a more customized look.

Released February 27th, 2012

Changes from v1.5:

-- Select Visibile / Deselect Visible controls

-- Hide entries before/after/between specified date(s)

-- Fixed bug associated with updating "Total Time" when removing a Calendar


Step 1, locate your calendar settings

Step 2, select the desired calendar

Step 3, click the XML button, copy the link, and paste it into IRInvoice

Action Script 3, Flash, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Designed, developed, and launched Olson Communication's new corporate website. Built primarily in Flash and using some interactive Action Scipt 3.0, Olsoncom.com provides the cutting-edge corporate look the company was looking for. For their portfolio section I implemented a JQuery gallery library called Gallerific, but modified it using custom JavaScript functions to allow for subgallery navigation. Image compression, shared content reuse, and decoupling of related pages helps to keep the loadtime down for the flash files.

Php, SQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Designed, developed, and launched First National Realty Group's new corporate website. The website served three main purposes: describe First National Realty Group, provide a means for contact, and display property listings. The site uses a custom designed MySQL database of properties, images, and parcel IDs, and uses custom Php scripts to connect with and serve this information. In addition to the public page, I implemented a login-verified back end interface to allow them to manage the property listing entirely inhouse.

WordPress (Php), JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Working with an internal designer, I was charged with converting plain Photoshop documents and imagery into a working website. The cool feature of this site is the NetFlix styled clips gallery which was created using a combination of custom JavaScript and jQuery libraries. I set up a Word Press blog (with custom theme) so they could manage their news feed in house. The website had an ambitious deadline and was brought from concept to a launch-ready state within three weeks; and just in time for their first client meeting.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Php

Working closely with an internal designer, I was charged with translating the designer's comps into working HTML pages. The majority of the work was done using simple HTML and CSS, but also used JQuery for the landing page gallery as well as Tectite's php Formmail script for the Contact and Sell Northstar pages.


Consulted for and oversaw the launch of the mirrored Polish version of the Quantum Foods webpage. I was also responsible for implementing the polish to english language flags that appear on the Polish version of the site; this functionality was accomplished using simple HTML active links.


Made some minor changes to the existing site, but my primary obligations involve updating the News section at semi-regular intervals. This updating process is done entirely using HTML.